Valley of the Workers and Ptolemaic Temple in Egypt.

Touring the excellent Valley of the Workers including some beautiful Tomb paintings and also Ptolemaic Temple located on Luxor's West Bank in Egypt.

Dayr Al-Madina village Luxor Habu's walls Habu Egypt - Habu Workers Village, Luxor
Local village next too the Valley of the Workers in Egypt
From Madinat Habu Temple head back along the road passing the Ticket Office to the road junction. Head across the open ground to Dayr Al-Madina village which is more or less ahead of you. Walk up and through the village - you will almost certainly find children asking for money but also someone will offer to show you the path which takes you round and over the hills to Deir al-Medinah - the Valley of the Workers. We all soon were accompanied by several small children trying to sell trinkets etc. but they were OK - we ended up giving our guide 20LE for his trouble.

The path emerges above Deir al-Medinah and then it's just a question of finding the best route down to the car park. There is a small sun shelter and also it is possible to get drinks and some books here. The area has the ruins of the village and numerous tombs although only two were open.

Valley of the Workers area Luxor Egypt's Valley of the Workers area near Luxor Egypt's Valley of the Workers area near Luxor Egypt's Valley of the Workers area near Luxor Egypt's Valley of the Workers area near Luxor
Egypt's Valley of the Workers area near Luxor Luxor Tomb of Sennedjem Beautiful inside the Tombs of the Workers Tomb of Anherkhe in the Valley of the Workers Luxor Tomb of Anherkhe
We visited the Tomb of Sennedjem and the Tomb of Anherkhe which located at the Tombs of the Workers - these two tombs were fantastic with their beautifully coloured paintings and along with those at the Tombs of the Nobles are probably as good an example as you can get.

Ptolemaic TempleFrom the tombs you can walk across to the Ptolemaic Temple - it was locked but we were let in by a guide and then shown round. It's well worth visiting since although not massive  compared with other Temples in the area it was very interesting with excellent drawings on the temple walls. Around the temple there were other interesting ruins to browse around and we spent quite a time wandering about. From the village we walked back along the main road to the junction by the Ticket Office (our "village" guide was still up in the hills shouting for us to come back up). This ended our day as far as tombs and temples were concerned - the idea now was to have a wander back the 3kms to the ferry.
Luxor - Habu - Dayr Al-Madina Temple Dayr Al-Madina Temple Luxor - Dayr Al-Madina Temple wall drawings Tombs area Luxor - Dayr Al-Madina Temple parts of Dayr Al-Madina Temple
Valley of the Workers in LuxorOn the left of the junction a few metres across some bondoo (rough ground) there is a small cafe where you can get a drink - they also have an outside toilet which is useful!.
As you wander back along the main road there is quite a lot to look at - with green fields, streams and water courses and of course quite a few trees - in a way it seems strange for this type of scenery when you remember you are in a desert in Egypt. After a short while you soon come to the Colossi of Memnon - these two imposing statues were unfortunately covered in scaffolding when we saw them but are nevertheless quite impressive.

sites of Egypt Luxor green Luxor walk back from the Tombs to the Ferry Luxor walking around Luxor Nile side fields around Luxor
Further along the road we saw various old looking pumping engines including an old Lister - when it's owner saw we were admiring it he came over and proudly showed it off to us - apparently it is still in full working order. Another interesting part of the walk occurred just as we came to a narrow gauge railway line - this had a series of wagons full laden with sugar cane. Later, as we passed through Qurna al-Gaddah village the railway line went across the road and we managed to get a photograph of the engine.
old Lister pump engine outside of Luxor irrigation machinery Luxor Luxor sites sugar cane collection along the Nile at Luxor railway goods shunter at Luxor
When you reach the crossroads carry straight on now passing shops and then open country until you come to the next village. Stay on the main road through the centre of this village and soon arrive at the arabaya bus terminal - cut through here and then down steps back to the River Nile and the ferry.
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