Sharm el Sheikh Egypt

Climbing Mount Moses / Mount Sinai to watch the sunrise - Quad Biking in Sharm el Sheikh - Snorkelling around Sharm Reefs in Egypt.

Sharm's Ras Mohammed Reef

Boat trip for some snorkelling out to Ras Mohammed Reef in Egypt.

We had already purchased a fairly decent set of snorkelling gear each (the shop keeper took great pains to ensure our masks and flippers fitted properly - just 18 pounds per set) and had looked at and been looked at by the colourful fish close to the beach by our hotel so we decided we would have a day trip out to the conservation area reefs as well so we could see the live coral and hopefully even more - and bigger - fish. The trip cost us 18 UK pounds each at the time and lasted for around 6 hours - this included having as many soft drinks as you wished and they also provided a reasonable meal at lunchtime.
Ras Mohammed Coral at Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt. Coral on Ras Mohammed Reef -  Sharm el Sheikh Ras Mohammed Reef, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. Ras Mohammed fish - Sharm el Sheikh Ras Mohammed - Egypt - Sharm el Sheikh
The boat started off by heading past Sharm Old Town and then on down the coast - the first stop was in quite deep water and involved being dropped off (or in I suppose) - the boat cleared off and you had to swim along the reef to re-board it after about 45 minutes or so of snorkelling. The boat then headed back a little and stopped off at another rocky bay. This stop was for several hours and during it apart from the snorkelling they provided a hot meal. Finally the boat stopped off for perhaps another 45 minutes a little nearer to Sharm and then it was back to the harbour. One thing to remember - that is the name of "your" boat since it is easy to snorkel some distance away and then find there are loads of boats anchored ... now which was our boat??.
Scuba Diving & Waters SportsTrue diving enthusiats are one group who are familiar with Sharm El-Sheikh. The warm, clear waters of the Red Sea provide the perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving. There are hudreds of coral reefs and coral walls that are over two hundred feet deep. Combine that with an incredible variety of fish with dazzling colors and you have a divers paradise. Of course for those that like to have their "head above water" during their Sharm el Sheikh holidays, there is a variety of other activities such as parasailing, kitesailing, waterskiing and any other water sport you can imagine.
Mount Moses path in the Sinai north of Sharm, Egypt

Mount Moses Trip from Sharm into the Sinai Desert, Egypt.

We were somewhat unsure if we should do this trip for several reasons: firstly it was an all night excursion which meant we knew we would be really tired throughout the next day and secondly undertaking a 7 km walk up a mountain in the dark and where we were pre-warned it was terribly cold we had no walking boots let alone warm clothing with us). On the other hand the need to get to the top of the highest available point in the area has always afflicted us whilst on holiday and also the opportunity to get a little way into the Sinai proper - so we decided to go.
We picked up a couple of warm jackets with hoods for 15 UK pounds and underneath we had 2 thick tea-shirts - I only had walking sandals but fortunately a very thick pair of walking socks whilst my son had his trainers. We were picked up from our hotel at 22h (you must take your passport and your visa for the area) and then had a couple of hours ride to the monastery at St Catherine - passing through several police security check points on the way.
Superior Sinai Camel, Sinai Desert, Egypt. climbing up Mount Moses, Sinai Desert, Egypt. Mount Moses, Sinai Desert, Egypt. Mount Moses views at Dawn, Sinai Desert, Egypt. Egypt - Mount Moses Sunrise
Local Bedouins throng around the coach park and they will try to sell you scarves and gloves etc for just a few pounds - and if you don't already have such then you will really need these. The walk starts off at around 1500 metres and finally ends up at a height of 2265 metres - it is possible to go up most of the way on a camel if you don't fancy the walk otherwise all you do is get collected together and then led up with your own Bedouin guide at the front. Camels do accompany you on the way so if you get worn out etc. you can switch to having a ride instead. The quite wide track is pretty good underfoot - the main problem is occasionally being stuck for a while behind camels which seem to never stop pooing (wonderful). The air does obviously get thinner as you head ever upwards so that your heart really starts pounding away - and the wind and cold just increases more and more. Every so often there are Bedouin tents which you can pop into for several minutes for a quick cup of tea and to get out of the cold wind - quite a few people at this stage decided they had had enough walking and opted for a camel ride for the rest of the way. The last part of the walk turns into what they call steps - it effect it is just flattish irregular rocks which you try and pick out in the dark - this part is really steep and we found it really hard going after a while - it's only around 250 metres but seemed far more in the cold and dark.
sun just appearing over Mount Moses, Sinai Desert, Egypt. Just before the very top there are lots of Bedouin tents and you go into one of these, have a cup of tea and wait the dawn. It's really cold and windy up there and most of us hired a thick blanket from our host and hid under it for the couple of hours wait. Just before dawn we all clambered up a few more rocky steps to watch the sun rise - really beautiful and the view of the mountains as the sun hit them was brilliant. Finally it's back down the path - you can either go down the way which involves going via 100's of steps or simply wander back down the original path. My knees had had more than enough and so we returned the way we had come up now with an increasingly warm sun on our backs.
Gorgeous views from on top of Mount Moses in the Sinai Desert, Egypt. Sinai sunrise, Sinai Desert, Egypt. Bedouin camp below Mount Moses, Sinai Desert, Egypt. really cold during the night up on Mount Moses Sinai - St Catherines Monastery, Sinai Desert, Egypt.
Once our party had all got back together we had a conducted look round the monastery of St Catherine, were then driven a short distance to a hotel for something to eat and then it was back across the desert to Sharm el Sheikh. The whole trip cost us just 20 UK pounds each - what a bargain trip and we had climbed Mount Sinai/Mount Moses - one of the highest points in the Sinai too. Incidentally although you climb up quite a way there was not any issue with vertigo.
Quad Biking. We found this really exciting but have no doubt that it can be a little dangerous - especially because of the temptation to be out on what appears to be flat sandy desert and therefore go too fast. The bikes have nice wide fat tyres and are quite low to the ground and thus have a low centre of gravity however my son did manage to flip his over - luckily only suffering a bit of bruising on his leg. The bikes are easily capable of reaching 50 KPH and on top of this visibility can be pretty poor due to the amount of dust kicked up - sunglasses are a good idea. When we went out for our ride there seemed to be hundreds of us all whizzing across the desert. Because of loose stones being kicked up it's a good idea to wear trousers and also reasonable trainers to protect your feet. Also before you start off you are well wrapped up in a scarf to keep the dust out (you can buy a scarf for just a few pounds from the mountain bike office).
Sharm el Sheikh and a Bedouin camp Our trip started just about in the daylight and cost us 20 UK pounds each - the whole thing lasted around 2 hours. You are led out into the desert and then eventually reach a small Bedouin encampment where you can have a five minutes break and buy a soft drink. Then it's off further into the desert to finally reach a much larger Bedouin encampment where you are given a drink of hot tea. By now it is of course completely dark and the trip back with just small headlights and travelling sometimes at quite a good speed is really exciting. You are accompanied by a guide all the way and also a pick-up truck with a photographer follows you everywhere taking film and photos of your daring exploits. Having got back you can then agree a price to have a filmed copy of your adventure delivered to your hotel the next day.
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