Touring Madinat Habu Temple in Egypt.

Madinat Habu Temple Luxor Wall releifs and pylons north and South Colonnades of the First CourtThere are lots of excellent ancient Egyptian tombs and temple sites to tour around whilst on holiday in Egypt and then there are several which are particularly remarkable (Karnak Temple is amazing) for various reasons maybe because of their sheer size or perhaps because of the wall paintings and so on. We considered that Madinat Habu was equally exceptional and certainly not to be ignored during a tour in the area. Actually it is surprising how often Madinat Habu Temple is missed out by people when they are out touring the ancient sites - once the day trips out to the various Tombs are completed perhaps they have had enough sightseeing and just go back to Luxor - missing out a visit to Madinat Temple is in our view a major omission.
To get in a full day of touring the ancient sites on your own probably it's best to start of with visiting the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens first - this topic assumes this. On leaving the Valley of the Queens head back down the road with Dayr Al-Madina village up on the hillside to the left. Just before the sharp bend in the road and the police checkpoint branch off half right across rough ground, cross a road and then walk on alongside the site's outer ruined walls to another road. Go right along this road and into the village - soon reaching Madinat Habu which is enclosed by a high defensive wall (there are shops and a cafe by the gates).
Pylon of Ptolemy VIII Gate - Pylon of Ptolemy VIII  top of Pylon of Ptolemy VII's gate Temple of the 18th Dynasty Migdol and the ruins of the chapels of the Divine Votaresses
The first picture above is the Pylon of Ptolemy VIII and the next is a close up of the top of it's gate and the third photo is looking up under the archway. 4th and 5th photos are the ruins of the Temple of the 18th Dynasty and of the Migdol and the ruins of the chapels of the Divine Votaresses.
Below are pictures of the First Pylon showing the entrance to Madinat Habu Temple - this is really imposing and it has huge wall reliefs of Ramses III Wall releifs and pylons to be found in the North and South Colonnades of the First Court.
First Pylon showing the entrance Madinat Habu Temple - First Pylon showing the entrance Madinat Habu - wall reliefs of Ramses III Egypt Luxor - Madinat Habu Madinat Habu Temple
There are a whole series of columns in the Temple - these photos were taken in the Second Court. They are massive as perhaps can be appreciated in the photo below far right where you can see someone is sitting. The pillars are completely covered in paintings which show up really well - however they look particularly spectacular where the sun-light catches them.
Luxor Temple Habu Wall releifs and pylons north and South Colonnades of the First Court Second Court columns Madinat Habu Madinat_Habu-Temple Luxor - Madinat Habu Temple

 remains of the pillars in the Hypostyle Hall Madinat Habu Temple - Royal PalaceMadinat Habu magazinesThe left picture shows the remains of the pillars in the Hypostyle Hall - most of the upper parts of the pillars were subsequently removed and re-used by builders elsewhere. It's nice to be able to take your time wandering around the outside of the main building - it is a maze of ruins which include the Royal Palace and further along some magazines - all extremely interesting.
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