A walk alongside part of Luxor's Canals in Egypt.

An 8km walk we enjoyed whilst on holiday in Luxor, Egypt wandering around the Canals and Countryside out on Luxor's West Bank.

Whilst on holiday in Luxor we found it easy to go out and about on our own and one of the things we enjoyed was having a nice quiet walk around parts of the West Bank. Before leaving for our Egypt Holiday we had planned that we would be able to walk between as many of the various tomb and temple ancient sites which are to be found on Luxor's West Bank as possible rather than take organised coach sightseeing trips/itineraries. What we did not expect was just how fertile this area was - fields going quite a distance out into the desert - lots of trees and shrubs and the wildlife was brilliant. Much of this due to quite an extensive series of canals in the area - these allow the farmers to easily irrigate the land with their pumps.
A small farm out in Luxor's West Bank in Egypt. Use one of these small boats to get across to the West Bank at Luxor.Our unexpected bonus was that we could make ourselves up a nice walk into the Luxor countryside using the canals to create an 8km or so walk - this is described below. It should be noted that we did this walk in a temperature of around 90 degrees and found this was pretty warm after a while - possibly it would not be very comfortable to take this walk in much more heat since there is little shade and for quite a stretch no possibility to buy a drink.
The only real problem we had with our Luxor walk was having to convince the taxi drivers on the West Bank that we did not in fact want to go to any of the ancient sites but were intending to simply go for a walk - they really did find this hard to believe for some reason. We simply walked away from the ferry and headed into the town through it's main street. As a slight diversion it is well worth having a quick wander around the town's side streets - have a look for instance at the clearly visible Mosque just off the main street on the left.
Patiently waiting - fish will arrive - River Nile, Luxor. Peaceful walking at Luxor on the West Bank. At the far end of the main street and where the houses/shops have ended take a road forking off right - the road goes between open countryside and fields as it heads back to the River Nile and to the Tourist Ferry Terminal. There is not very much to see here but you can sit on the wall under the trees by the police check post and perhaps have a chat with the friendly policemen.
Head back along the road and after a few minutes look out for and take a small road going off to the right. This road is quite interesting because there are loads of birds in the fields and on the right hand side you soon walk alongside a small canal.
The canal was particularly good because we saw two small crocodiles swimming across to the far bank. The road soon rejoins the main road, turn right and continue to follow the canal - there was some rubbish around but also lots of birds and other wildlife. Quite soon you reach the next small town - walk on through with shops and small businesses on the left hand side - immediately before the crossroads turn left onto a dirt track - now the canal is on your right. This now becomes simply a case of following the canal - initially there are lots of houses etc either side but soon you are walking mostly between trees and fields. There were lots of birds to see including kingfishers and every so often you pass small farms and other tiny houses.
Small house at Luxor with lovely flowers decorating the gate. Green fields and birds out on the West Bank at Luxor, Egypt. A well loaded donkey cart - Luxor West Bank - Egypt. The West Bank at Luxor is luxuriant in undergrowth. Canal pumps at Luxor West Bank in Egypt.
Walks along a small Luxor Canal - Egypt Luxor Canal - Egypt The track is quite dusty and you get warm walking along here as there is little shade. The canal is used as a water source for the farmers to irrigate there fields and you often pass noisy old diesel pumps sucking the water out and pushing it into irrigation ditches - really interesting. There is little traffic on the track - just the occasional old tractor, arabaya or a meandering donkey and cart.
Eventually the track turns sharp right and heads inland to reach a road. Turn right and now you have a choice of walking back to the crossroads on a dusty track which runs alongside another canal or you can take an arabaya from here which will take you all the way back to the Worker's ferry terminal.
Small canals and ditches everywhere on Luxor West Bank in Egypt. An old irrigation pump beside a small Luxor Canal - Egypt Shady tree-lined walk along a small Luxor Canal - Egypt Lovely little side canal on the West Bank at Luxor in Egypt. Walking alongside the canals at Luxor in Egypt.
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