Part of The Temple of Horus at Edfu in Egypt.

Kom Ombo and The Temple of Horus at Edfu.

Visiting The Temple of Sobek and Temple of Haroeris at Kom Ombo in Southern Egypt - with photos.

Kom Ombo boat visit Kom Ombo Located around 45kms north of Aswan, both of these temple sites are easily reached on a day trip. Note also that the Nile cruise boats usually stop off at both locations on their journey from Luxor to Aswan. The drive there is quite interesting as once you leave Aswan you enter very green countryside passing through fields of sugar cane and corn. You are likely to see lorries and pick-up trucks transporting camels, cows and pigs etc to market at Darow. Easily combined to also include visiting Kom Ombo as well and perhaps Abu Simbel too, this day trip does make a very enjoyable and interesting day out.
Outside of the actual Temple there are cafes and stalls and the area is situated in very nice shaded grounds.
Nicely positioned overlooking the River Nile the Temple is built in the Graeco Roman style and is unusual in that it is dedicated to two gods - Horus (The Falcon God) and Sobek (The Crocodile God).

Kom Ombo temples entrance Kom Ombo 1 Horus's Temple - releifs, Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt. Entrance to the Hypostyle Hall - Kom Ombo, Egypt wall releifs at Kim Ombo Temple, Egypt
Hypostyle Hall door, Kom Ombo in Egypt Intricate Temple releifs at Kom Ombo Temple collonades at Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt Beautiful releifs at Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt Kom Ombo temple releifs
Southern Egypt - Kom Ombo Temple Haroeris and Sobek Temple at Kom Ombo in Egypt Horus Temple releifs at Kom Ombo Temple releifs - Kom Ombo, Egypt Releifs at Kom Ombo Temple in Egypt
nicely carved temple pillar - Kom Ombo, Egypt Temple pillars at Kom Ombo carvings on a temple pillar at Kom Ombo Kom Ombo carved pillars Kom Ombo Pillars 1 Kom Ombo Pillars 2 Kom Ombo Pillars 3
The Temple has two entrances, two halls and two sanctuaries - the left side is dedicated to Horus and the right hand side to Sobek - construction of the Temples commenced in the second century bc..
The Temple has been added too over the years in particular the entrance pylon which was built by the Roman Emperor Augustus in 30 BC. From the forecourt, doors lead into the Hypostyle Halls where there are carved pillars showing the lotus flower of Upper Egypt and the papyrus of the Delta. A series of halls and vestibules lead into the Halls of Sobek and Horus - both have black diorite offering tables
Temple carvings - Kom Ombo, Egypt Kom Ombo Temple Haroeris Sobek Kom Ombo 7 Kom Ombo carvings
Kom Ombo sarcophagus Kom Ombo Temple 1 Kom Ombo Temple 2 Kom Ombo temple carving Kom Ombo temples

Birthouse at The Temple of Horus, Egypt

Guide to visiting Edfu in Egypt and the Temple of Horus.

The Egyptian town of Edfu is located around 105kms from Aswan and around 60kms from Kom Ombo and houses the Temple of Horus - the temple is open daily. The Temple is a short distance from the River Nile and you have to go through the town to reach the site's large parking area. The Temple Complex is purposely fenced off in such a way that you are forced to go past numerous stalls before reaching the Ticket Office - and subsequently you do get a little plagued by the vendors trying to sell you things. However the Temple of Horus is one of the best preserved temples in Egypt, is in excellent condition and has beautiful carvings.
Pylon at the Temple of Horus, Egypt Releifs on the Pylon Gate at the Temple of Horus Excellent statue of a falcon at the Temple of Horus Collonades at the Court of Offerings - Temple of Horus, Egypt Temple of Horus, Egypt - Hypostyle Hall entrance
Falcon God at the Temple of Horus, Egypt These temple carvings include depictions of festivals, mock battles of Horus's victory over Seth, the wedding visit of Hathor and the annual coronation of the reigning King. As you walk through the first building on the left is the colonnaded Birthing House and then you come to the First Pylon which is flanked by two black granite statues of Horus (in the guise of a Falcon).
This leads into a large colonnaded courtyard and the first Hypostyle Hall. From here you reach a second smaller hall where gifts to the gods were stored in side chambers before being used in the Hall of Offering.
The Sanctuary is surrounded by several chapels with excellent reliefs.
Temple of Horus wall releifs Huge pillars at the Temple of Horus at Edfu Temple of Horus pillar carvings Sanctuary of Horus - Temple of Horus, Edfu Egypt. Temple of Horus releifs at Edfu in Egypt.
Pillars holding up the Temple of Horus roof (Egypt) Paintings at the Temple of Horus in Egypt. Part of the Temple of Horus, Edfu Egypt. The Temple of Horus - edfu, Egypt. Edfur Egypt - Temple of Horus.
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