Boats on The Nil, Egypt

Trains, Boats and Engines in Egypt.

Egyptian Nile Cruise Boats, arabaya, buses, faluka, railway engines which were all spotted and photographed around Luxor, Aswan and Cairo (and the River Nile) in Egypt.

Luxor Egyptian Railway track Engine Egypt - Luxor - River Nile Cruise Boats, Buses, Barges and trains.
Whilst on holiday in Luxor we got around quite a lot and spotted several interesting "mechanical and motorized..." things to photograph - arabayas (the local buses), caleches and a nice old Lister engine which was being used to pump water into the fields for irrigation in the South Bank. We also found a couple of railway engines plus some carriages to photo at Luxor station and out in the countryside several narrow gauge railway wagons loaded up with cane and later we were lucky enought to also see the small engine.
There are of course lots of different boats and barges etc. moving around on the River Nile at Luxor - needless to say there are quite a few photos of them below.
Also we enjoyed a day trip on a small Nile cruise ship from Luxor up to Quena to tour round Dendarah Temple and we have several photographs of some of the boats and barges seen along the way as well as several faluka.
Luxor Railway Station platforms Luxor Railway Station and sidings. Dusty Luxor railway carriages An Egyptian freight train A nice little railway shunter engine at Luxor
These photos above were taken at Luxor's Railway Station one early evening. We were actually invited up into the signal box and had a chat with the signalman as well as a good look round there too - the various signal and points controls were really ancient - I can remember seeing similar controls to these many years ago in signal boxes on the Southern Region in England. There did seem to be a lot of modernisation work going on at Luxor railway station.
Sugar cane railway wagon outside of Luxor River Nile sugar cane railway wagons near Luxor. Egyptian sugar cane railway engine. A small Egyptian railway engine shunting near Dendarah in Egypt.
The first two of the above photos are of loaded sugar cane wagons which we spotted whilst walking back from visiting the tombs out in the Valleys of the Kings and Queens on Luxor's West Bank - and later on during our walk back we were lucky enough to see the engine too. The small engine on the right was busy shunting wagons and spotted along the River Nile whilst on our Luxor to Dendarah Temple boat trip.

A typical Caleche at Luxor in Egypt. A Luxor caleche i.e. horse drawn taxi. A local caleche driver waiting for a customer at Luxor. The Caleches roam Luxor's streets braving the impatient taxis and coaches whilst touting for customers.
The majority of them are beautifully painted and decorated - around 11PM many of them head home - we counted more than 40 of them racing along towards Karnak one evening.

Luxor City Arabaya - local small buses i.e. pick-up trucks with wooden seats. An Arabaya at Luxor's West Bank bus station. Luxor West Bank nicely painted Arabaya. Arabaya are Luxor's local buses and can be seen racing around both sides of the River - they are actually pick-up trucks with a fairly low metal or wooden cabin. Some of them have really nice decorative paintwork on the outside -inside the seats are simply wooden benches.
Arabaya's are the main way of getting around for local people - the fares are just a few Egyptian Pounds - for instance you can get from the Worker's Ferry on the West Bank to the Valley of the Queens Ticket Office for 5LE.

Empty sugar cane trailers at  Luxor in Egypt. Old Lister Engine sat in a field near Luxor. Quite well loaded Nile donkey cart - Luxor. Nile irrigation pump - used on the small canals. Luxor - wooden wheels - just look nice!.
Above are just a few more photos of transport and mechanical things we saw whilst wandering around the canals, sugar-cane fields and countryside over on Luxor's West Bank.

Photos of some of the large variety of boats which can be seen in the Luxor area of the River Nile in Egypt - from small falukas to various barges to the towering often smelly-engined nile cruise boats.

A fairly large River Nile cruise ship arriving at Luxor. "parked" Nile cruise ships at Luxor in Egypt. Luxor and The Nile and it's clutter. Several moored Nile cruiseboats at Luxor.
These are of some of the large Nile Hotel or Cruise boats which populate the River Nile. One morning in Luxor we counted 8 of them moored alongside each other - luckily the River Nile is quite wide in Luxor.
River Nile Hotel Boat at Luxor Colourful hotel boat moored at Luxor. Nile evening cruise nice wooden style cruise/hotel boat Luxor
Luxor - Falukas sailing on the River Nile. A small Faluka enjoying a trip on the River Nile at Luxor. Luxor Workers Ferry Boats. River Nile Ferry crossing the the West Bank at Luxor, Egypt.
Above - the first two photos are of what the locals were calling falukas and the other two are of the Worker's Ferry boats which criss-cross The Nile at Luxor.
A small Nile ferry waiting at Luxor. Luxor Tourist Ferries without any customers - Egypt. Tourist day-trip boats waiting at Luxor. Luxor's West Bank and some parked Tourist Ferries. Plenty of River Nile Ferry Boats with nowhere to go at Luxor.
These small boats are used as ferries - you can hire one for around 10 to 20LE to cross the river instead of using the normal workers ferry. They will also take you for longer trips down the Nile - for example a several hours trip to Crocodile Island etc.
Hiring one for a trip does involve some serious bargaining!
A working barge going along the River Nile at Luxor, Egypt. River Nile Barges in Egypt. Luxor - rubbish barge on the Nile Nile Pump Boat
Nile Barge yet another River Nile Barge in Southern Egypt. small cargo boats on the Nile barge carrying tractors on The Nile
There all shapes and sizes of barges and boats moving around on The River Nile in the Luxor area
carrying anything from sugar cane to tractors to general rubbish (as well as people).

Hotel cruise boat at rest in Aswan, Egypt small Nile cargo boat - Aswan

These variety of boat pictures were taken in and around Aswan, Southern Egypt.

Aswan is a very laid back Egyptian City and even more laid back if you do what many people do a lot of the time, drift around under sail on The River Nile on an old felucca.. There are several small islands on the Nile around Aswan and therefore quite a few little local ferries can be seen scuttling too and fro. Aswan is also the end of the line for hotel cruise boats which sail down from Luxor since the Aswan High Dam is apparently just a bit too high to wriggle over for any boat with ambitions of heading further South.
smart looking felucca enjoying the wind, River Nile, Aswan Refuelling a Nile Hotel boat - Aswan Ferry carrying lorries seen at Aswan - River Nile Min Gharb ferry crossing the Nile at Aswan, Egypt Nile ferry boat - Aswan to Elephantine Island (Egypt)

the tracked lifting gear on the old Nile Barrage in North Cairo Arabaya waiting for customers - Downtown Cairo

Boats, buses, taxis and tuk-tuks in Cairo, Egypt.

Quite a few of these photos below were taken whilst wandering around Downtown Cairo - these days large boats such as the hotel cruise boats cannot get this far up the River Nile. Still there is a lot going on around the river to make things interesting to watch. In the northern part of the City there is a nice old bridge which sits atop the original Nile Barrage where the Nile splits into its two channels Damietta and Rosetta (there are also four small canals there). The bridge this still has it's tracked lifting gear running right along the sides of the bridge - please see the photograph on the left.
Jammed bus and taxis - typical Downtown Cairo A somewhat sleepy Cairo bus One of the more modern Cairo buses in Egypt. Semi sinking cargo hoist boat at Aswan - The Nile A newer Nile ferry seen at Cairo on The River Nile
Cairo does have quite a few tuk-tuks whizzing around - you do not find them in the Downtown area at all but there are lots in the northern part of the city and they can also be seen around the Coptic Cairo area.
Colourfull Cairo bus Tuk Tuk seen in the north of Cairo, Egypt. Cairo tuk-tuk waiting for something at a shop. Another Egyptian tuk-tuk in Cairo Small River Nile cargo boat seen at Downtown Cairo
Cattle have their own arabaya version - Egypt Other interesting bits and pieces from around Egypt.
These are just a few other "transport related" photos of things we saw whilst out and about in Egypt. The small railway signal box was next to a sort of level crossing at which we had had to stop to wait for a train to (eventually) trundle past. The chaos and noise was incredible once the train had gone through with every vehicle scrambling for that first available 6 inches of space as the traffic started moving.
The large water pump engine shown below bottom middle was on display at one of the lovely coptic monasteries out in the desert at Wadi Natrun - north of Cairo.
Slowley does it for a donkey and cart in Egypt. Kom Ombo donkeys - Egypt Egyptian Railways old Signal Box Water pump seen in Northern Egypt Not exactly a tuk-tuk but probably wants to be - Egypt
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