Going to Qena along the River Nile in Egypt on a Nile Cruise boat and touring the Temple at Dendarah.

Dendarah is located at Qena near the River Nile in Central Egypt and is around 65km north of Luxor. There are several ways to get there from Luxor namely by coach excursion, private taxi or by Egypt Nile Cruise boat. We chose the Nile cruise ship mainly for the experience of travelling and seeing a different part of The Nile - the trip is not too expensive if you shope around and should include hotel pick-up and drop-off, the boat trip, a coach to the temple and back plus guided tour and finally a very good on-board meal and later tea and cakes.
Travelling along the Nile on a cruise boat was a real eye-opener for us since you see clearly the conditions in which many people are living - mud huts, washing clothes at the river bank and suffering in one particular stretch of the river with awful air quality as there was enormous pollution coming from a disgusting riverside factory. Actually the smoke from the chimney affected perhaps 10 kms of the trip as it masked the sun to make it almost seem like early evening.
You leave the river boat at Qena and then are taken to Dendorah by coach. From the limited amount we could see from the coach Qena seemed a quite modern and pleasant town with trees and nice looking buildings - quite different from scruffy Luxor. Sadly there was no question of being able to get off the coach and have a better look round since all the coaches were under control of a police convey. Qena has two bridges, one a road bridge and the other for the railway - this is the first crossing opportunity over The Nile for most sized vehicles since Luxor's road bridge.
The Nile, north of Luxor in Central Egypt birds seen on the mud banks near Luxor, River Nile - Egypt Egypt, north of Luxor and The Nile The River Nile looking quite serene, Egypt

This series of pictures were taken as we travelled down the River Nile from Luxor to Qena at a steady 19km per hour on our river boat - quite quick because the current was with us. The trip took around 4 hours and was really interesting - seeing the enormous and really varied amount of wildlife sometimes really close up as we passed mud banks, as well as seeing the way people were living with and using the river itself. The river water looked really mucky and all sorts of things were floating around, from driftwood to dead animals - not the place to take a swim. As we passed riverside fields and small villages the local children often rushed to the edge of the river bank and shouted and waved.
River Nile - Egypt River Nile - Egypt River Nile - Egypt River Nile - Egypt Nile - Egypt
small Nile side village north of Luxor, EgyptRiver Nile towards Qena, Egyptsmall cargo boat on the Nile near Qena, Egypt. Often you could see the older children jumping into their small boats and getting out into the river so they could surf the wake created by our boat. The Nile was really wide in places but appeared to be quite silted at times, apparently the level was particularly low whilst we were there. Our boat often had to slow right down and zigzag back and forth to find the channel.
Hathor Temple is said to be the best preserved site in Egypt and is dedicated to the Cow God Hathor. It still retains it's roof which is held up by massive carved columns. Most of the walls and parts of the ceiling are decorated, carved or painted. You can get into the underground chamber - this involved going down steep steps with very little headroom however very worth while doing.
Hathor Temple at Dendarah, Qena, Egypt.
Hathor Temple
Dendarah Roman Birth House, Qena, Egypt.
Roman Birth House
Coptic Church - Dendarah, Egypt
Coptic Church
Hathor in her human form with cow's ears, Dendarah, Qena, Egypt.
Hathor in her human form with cow's ears
 Egypt Dendarah - Hathor Temple Columns
Hathor temple Columns
 Dendarah Temple Walls, Qena, Egypt.
Temple Walls
Hathor Temple - Carved columns - the roof is still intact, Qena, Egypt.
The walls are covered with drawings
Dendarah, Qena, Egypt - Hathor - The walls are covered with drawings
Wall Releifs
Egypt, Dendarah Hathor Temple Vestibule
Temple Vestibule
Dendarah - Wall Releifs, Qena, Egypt.
Hathor - headed shrine
Hathor - headed shrine, Dendarah, Egypt.
Ceiling Zodiac
Dendarah, Egypt Hathor Temple - Ceiling zodiac
Roof Zodiac
Underground Chamber - Hathor, Qena, Egypt.
Hathor Chambers
You have to bend double to get into these Hathor chambers, Dendarah, Qena, Egypt.
Underground Chambers
Egypt - Dendarah - Hathor Temple
Hathor Temple
Dendarah - Cleopatra and her son Caesarion, Qena, Egypt.
Cleopatra and her son Caesarion.
Sacred Lake - Hathor Temple at Dendarah, Qena, Egypt.
Hathor Sacred Lake
Dendarah Egypt - Roman Birth House, Qena, Egypt.
Roman Birth House

The following are some more photos of life and activity on the Nile taken as we returned to Luxor from our Dendarah trip.
A River Nile small cargo boat, Qena, Egypt. A quiet Egyptian evening along The Nile The River Nile outside of Qena, Egypt. colourful small cargo boat on the Nile, Qena, Egypt. Dusk on the Nile - south of Qena, Egypt.
The River Nile is used for transporting anything and everything - we saw barges laden with sugar cane, some with several tractors and trailers and others being used as the local dust-car - and of course lots of small boats ferrying people back and forth across the river too. The return trip took much longer since the cruise-boat was now going against the River Nile's current - around six hours back to Luxor.
surfing on the Nile?  south of Qena in Egypt Nile Hotel Boat - The Nile a little north of Luxor, Egypt. stinky factory next to the River Nile Egypt Nile Barges, Egypt. Quiet times on the Nile - Egypt
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